CIMS Surgélation - The quality of cryogenics at the price of mechanical cooling

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The CIMS Multifreezer deep-freezing technology is much faster than the majority of other processes present on the market.

The product is cooled or frozen by combining 2 techniques :

  • Conduction by contact with a cooled plate
  • Convection by cold blowing using the patented flow freeze technology

This offers deep freezing of excellent quality since the crystals formed at the time of fast freezing are of negligible size and cause no or few lesions in the product fibres.

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A high quality frozen product

  • Very little water loss due to evaporation (< 1%)
  • No sticking or marking due to transfer
  • No deformation during the deep freezing process
  • Conservation of gustatory and nutritive qualities

A versatile technique

Multifreezer can be used for all types of cooling (deep freezing, freezing, chilling, crusting…).

Multifreezer processes almost all products to be cooled.

A perfectly controlled hygiene

A disposable film conveyor ensures uninterrupted transfer of products to be frozen.

Extreme accessibility of the various components allows easy cleaning.

An economic solution for a very high speed

The running costs are low (< 0.05 € / kg. product) and the speed is much higher than that of other processes.

Multifreezer does not require frequent defrosting.

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